Steam & Sail – Two Warships

This wonderful marine picture was catalogue No.79 in The Art Services International Exhibition 1996 founded in Alexandria, Virginia, to where it was lent from the Jane and Grierson Gower collection. It has a label pasted to the rear confirming this.

The book of the exhibition is the work of the noted authority on Folk and Naïve Art James Ayres and titled ‘200 Years of Naïve English Art’

The painting is illustrated on page 164 where the dirty condition of the painting is obvious. Now it has been cleaned the signature W.Smith has revealed itself in the bottom left hand corner.

Product features
  • Circa 1890
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Frame size: 39” x 26”
  • Artist: W. Smith
  • Title: 'Steam and Sail: Two Warships'


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