New Moon Over Southampton

Illustrated is William Shakespeare’s dedication to Henry VVriothesley (the first of three dedication) which in 1593 accompanied his first published poem “Venvs & Adonis” a…

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The First Use of the Schwa e in the English Language

The Schwa e – When was the schwa e first used in the English Language?The answer 1601 The schwa sound being by far the most…

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With the Breath thou Giv’st and Tak’st –
Myth, Truth and Prophesy in ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’ by William Shakespeare

“The Phoenix and the Turtle” William Shakespeare’s famous metaphysical poem begins with an allegory of Elizabethan politics, by introducing a parliament of birds: The Phoenix…

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William Shakespeare’s – Sonnet 99 (Analysis of the ‘Culler-ful’ Elizabethans)

Sonnet 99 by William Shakespeare relates to the year 1599 as it is the only Shakespearean sonnet with fifteen lines, “a summer’s story” in fact…

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William Shakespeare’s – Sonnet 133 (Analysis)

Sonnet 133 by William Shakespeare is heavily influenced by the sonnet number in which our great author sees both division and unity between the numbers…

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William Shakespeare’s – Sonnet 33 (Analysis)

Sonnet 33 by William Shakespeare unveils to us the Godly words “my Son one”. A number of Shake-speare’s sonnets are influenced by the sonnet number…

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William Shakespeare’s – Sonnet 111 (Analysis)

Sonnet 111 by William Shakespeare shows us the great significance of the ‘Numbers 111’ that identify this particular sonnet. Our great author firmly believed all…

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William Shakespeare’s – Sonnet 20 (Analysis)

Sonnet 20 by William Shakespeare is a portrait of Henry Wriothesley and written in celebration of his birthday – although I must immediately correct myself…

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A Triangular Halo for William Shakespeare

It can be seen in this late 15th century painting of ‘God the Father’ by Antoniazzo Romano that the conventional Christian halo has been replaced…

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