Antique Oil Portraiture

‘Old Soldier’ – A Georgian Panel Painting

A Georgian Panel Painting.

A Small oak-panel painting in oil within an antique oak frame dated verso 17th July 1819, bearing the number 4, identifying it as once belonging to a larger group. Signed with an illegible signature.

In this charming image of an ‘Old Soldier’ we perceive a rustic & rural echo of Hogarth – obviously executed one early morning as our bygone hero has a dew-drop hanging from his nose, while he appears rather down at heal – as all his clothing is patched. He is possibly not solely comforted by his crooked-stick & clay-pipe, but perhaps with indelible memories of military skirmishes experienced during the Napoleonic wars – as more serenely he traipses the hills & valleys of a place that is forever England.

This painting is in unrestored condition.

Product features
  • English
  • Oak panel
  • Dated 17th July 1819
  • 8” x 9”
  • 20cms x 23cms


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