Antique Woolwork Pictures

A Soldier-Made Woolwork Picture

With the British ensign proudly flying this 19th century woolie obviously represents some long-lost garrison of the British Empire. The flag flying above what appears to be an adobe-built fort. In the paddock to the foreground a fine chestnut horse is being put through its paces by a groom. This exercise is taking place before two sentries standing on guard before sentry boxes, soldiers who are from the 24th Warwickshire (foot) regiment. While there is a church in the middle distance silhouetted before a shimmering sea.

The 24th Warwickshire Regiment were famous for their involvement in the well documented ‘Battle of Rourke’s Drift’ a legendary engagement that took place during the Zulu wars. While woolwork pictures are normally correctly attributed to sailors – this skill was often appropriated by soldiers during long sea voyages to such places as South Africa etc.

Provenance: Formerly in the collection of the late Alistair Morris 1948 – 2016 the former M.D. of Sotheby’s Sussex.

Product features
  • English/Woolie
  • Circa 1890
  • Maple frame: 18” x 18” 46cms x 46cms


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