A Painted Windsor Chair of the Goldsmith Type

This Sycamore Windsor chair is of a type known as ‘Goldsmith’ following the acquisition by the V & A of a very similar chair originally bequeathed to ‘William Hawes’ by ‘Oliver Goldsmith’ in 1774.

Our late 19th century example in the first instance was painted ‘scarlet’ and then later ‘oxblood’ and as with the early examples the arms are constructed in three sections – although not lapped as the 18th century versions are.

It is therefore the paint and not the period that makes this particular chair (which is in completely unrepaired condition) so appealing to the eye.

Product features
  • English
  • Circa 1870
  • Sycamore
  • H.38" x D.21" x W.24"


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