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A Boarded Carpenters Wall-Box Dated 1728

This wonderful wall-hanging box with traces of original polychrome is adorned with emblems associated with the Carpenters-company, specifically to one side a crossed adze & axe – with an X-framed chair to the other side, while either side of its brass escutcheon are saws, squares, planes, mallets & chisels all above a carved scrolled apron.

The carving to the lid commemorates the reign of King George I showing him ascending to Heaven accompanied by angels who are holding a crowned polychromed cartouche carved “G I” with ribbons, garlands and birds – dated ‘Anno 1728’. The box originally polychromed in multiple colours. With later suspension hole, repair to hinge and woodwork loses.

Product features
  • English
  • 'Anno 1728'
  • Width 10"
  • Height 9"
  • Depth 6"


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