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A Sussex Pig from the Belle-Vue Pottery Rye

This rare Sussex pig is actually a drinking vessel with removable head that can be used as a cup and the body when tilted back on its haunches used as a jug, and this particular example is in amazing condition. The interior of its head inscribed by its maker with a cross X and within this cross it bears three letters R.S.W. and in the remaining space the word Rye, the letters stand for ‘Rustic Sussex Ware.’

Its shoulder is also inscribed in Sussex dialect with the words ‘Wun’t be druv’ this comes from a local rhyme:

And you can pook
And you can shove
But a Sussex Pig
He wun’t be druv.

Product features
  • Circa 1870
  • Length 9.5"
  • Height 5.5"
  • Width 4"