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An Unusual Walnut Veneered Looking – Glass Circa 1730

This Looking – Glass is one of those objects that screams at you ‘I am an antique’ for it is steeped with the metamorphoses of age. When it was new it would have looked very different to how it looks today.

It’s Walnut veneers have attained a wonderful warm hue and patination while the surface of it’s original mercurial plate now looks like the surface of a primaeval-pond.

The plate’s bevelled edges are extremely shallow – almost undetectable (one of the signs of an early plate). The advantages here to the manufacturer are twofold: A shallow bevel was a lot less labour intensive and during the process of mercurial foiling when the plate was weighted to squeeze the surplus mercury away it was much less likely to break.

It’s unusual fret-cut design is quite folksy though perhaps a little eccentric. The design of it’s apron tells me that it was originally available with or without candle sconces.

Product features
  • English
  • Circa 1730
  • Height 32"
  • Width 24"


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