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A Superb Slip-ware Rocking Chair in completely untouched condition

These rocking chairs invariably appear as agate-ware, but this slip decorated example dated 1843 is a lot nicer. And being 8″ tall is a lovely size as well – but what is most pleasing about it is it’s fabulous untouched condition.

Like cradles, rocking chairs were produced to commemorate ‘happy events’. Our model has a pierced seat and a pierced heart to it’s back. It’s rudimentary slip-decoration of dots and squiggles is very similar to a cradle Known to have come from a pottery at Willenhall near Walsall though the nearby Staffordshire potteries are a more likely place of origin for our piece.

Condition: Completely untouched and original

Product features
  • English
  • Dated 1843
  • SizeĀ 8" x 4" x 5"


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