Antique Needlework

A Small 17th Century White Work Sampler Dated 1684

A small but elaborately decorated 17th century white-work sampler with reticella panels, the top band initialled M.O.R. for Mary Ray * Nolos Park. It’s periphery is embroidered with the words ‘Remember thy creator in the days of youth while the evil days come not 1684 X G’. Then again, inside of this ‘In the Lord put I my trust’ Psalm XI ‘Come ye children hearken unto me I will teach you the fear of the Lord’ Although admittedly it is possibly not so! the lowest panel does appear like a spiders web within a window – with a curtain drawn to its side. This is a small, charming and unusual white work sampler bearing a Charles II date.

Product features
  • England
  • Dated 1684
  • 16" x 9"