A Prospect of Pennsylvania

This striking naïve image shows a small rural community in Pennsylvania towards the end of the 19th century possibly Amish/Mennonite. And being a naïve American landscape on original canvas is a rare survivor for this genre of picture. One cannot help thinking that its purpose was to record the newly finished waterworks on which are swimming three swans. Evidently it is summertime the trees are in leaf, flowers are growing around the cabin & flowering shrubs spring up amongst the residue logs in the foreground.

Unusually the canvas is wrapped around the side stretchers, which could possibly be a way of identifying the artist and there is some over-painting to the sky.

There is evidence of an earlier image below.

Product features
  • Circa 1880
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Frame approx. 31” x 24”
  • Unsigned
  • Title: 'A Prospect of Pennsylvania'


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