Antique Folk Art

A Carved 19th Century Irish Walking Stick

An unusual carved walking stick it’s handle showing a gentleman with a squiffy expression who although dressed to the nines, with hat coat and tails, has managed to topple backwards over a barrel. The main body of the stick is decorated with trailing Shamrock interspersed with various animals and farming scenes. These include a cow being milked, a horse, a farmer sowing seeds – his wife wearing a plummed hat. Further carvings represent a dog, a sheep, a pig, a goat and a child riding a pony. The Stick is signed with a carved cipher ( W.C.)

Condition: It needs some attention.

A split to the barrel has been filled and then the stick has been later varnished.

There is a tiny amount of timber deterioration to some of the relief carving.

Product features
  • Irish
  • Circa 1860
  • Length 36"


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