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A Steelyard a Clock & a Hearty Good Fellow

Very pleased with the objects I have loaded on to the site today [some diversity as well] A portable Steelyard, a small Mahogany Bracket-clock with 5″ dial the surface of the case in virtually untouched condition. A panel painting of The Hearty Good Fellow after Hogarth. In 1786 there was a popular print published by R. Sayer of the same subject which carried the following rhyme with it.

With my pipe in one hand and jug in the other
I drink to my neighbor and friend
My cares in a whiff of tobacco, I’ll smother,
For life you know shortly must end.

A Shadow-Box, A Jug a Peaseware Jar and a Dairy Stool

My other new gallery visitors are The Shadow-Box of ‘Rose Villa’ which alas appears unphotogenic [ So much better in the flesh ] A near perfect silver-luster pitcher and a gorgeous tiny Peaseware jar with lovely mellow patina and bringing down the rear a superb Welsh dairy stool. [ A better one you couldn’t find!]
Yes I bought these things! call-me-naive if you must, Philip

Call Me Naive Antiques

Shadow Box

It was with great excitement while on my travels this week that I stumbled upon the ‘Shadow Box’ that is ‘Rose Villa’ This castellated creation almost fairy tale in its beauty dates┬áto the mid 19th century.

Size is important

As all antique dealers know size is important and the size of this particular Shadow Box is divine measuring only 14″ X 9″

Tantalizing Provenance

Tantalizingly it may have a connection to ‘Chatsworth’ our greatest country house as the lady who owned it was a parlor maid there until 1920 an association I shall be looking into.

Fall from Grace

Unfortunately the brass-ball-finial that surmounted the right Hand gable has fallen from its perch so I have had to send it to the finial fixer! But on its return it will be photographed and placed on the site. Believe me it is worth waiting for – it is very much a treasure.