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Donyatt Puzzle Jug

Although nobody knows when the first puzzle-jugs were produced, pottery has certainly been made in the Donyatt area since the middle ages.

At the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge where they have a substantial collection of Antique English Pottery there is a puzzle-jug of exactly the same form as ours but dated 1571.

If one considers the vast amount of puzzle- jugs that have been made over the centuries this fact in itself illustrates the affection in which they are held by an eccentric, carousing and gameful  English public.

Naïve pottery embellished with scraffito decoration of flowers, trees and birds is how we recognised ‘Donyatt’. Our pot continuing this tradition has not only paired tulips and a bird but its original spout too! It is further enhanced upon its shoulder with a favourite rhyme:-

When this you see remember me

And bear me in your mind

While I am seldom at your house

Speak of me as you find:


This jug was made for William Hurford of the historic Hurford family and is inscribed to its front in a square reserve

W. Hurford  – June 2nd –  1827

It has remained within that family its entire existence and been passed down by decent, until our purchase.

Antique English Pottery

If there are any dealers out there who have some period English slip-ware they would like to trade we would be very interested to know about it, for we are finding it most difficult to source. The last couple of pieces we had just flew away!
Having said that, we have just purchased two pieces of Donyatt Pottery, one of them being a superb documentary puzzle jug with full provenance.

This was made for a member of the illustrious and historic Hurford family and is inscribed with that name and has spent its entire existence within their care. The other piece of Donyatt Pottery is a small and rare pottery basket which is well worth the money and very sweet.