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British Folk Art Exhibition – Tate Briton

The-Hearty-Good-Fellow- British Folk Art

We wanted to bring to your attention the most exciting event (in our opinion) happening at the Tate Briton (London, UK) Gallery in 2014, the British Folk Art Exhibition.  From the 10th June to the 7th September the Tate gallery will have over 100 exhibits on display from paintings to sculptures to textiles including work from prominent individuals George Smart the tailor of Frant, eminent embroiderer Mary Linwood, ship carver and fairground artist Arthur Andersen and Cornish painter Alfred Wallis.

To quote the Tate Briton site – “Folk Art is an established subject in many countries; however in Britain the genre remains elusive. Rarely considered in the context of art history, ‘Folk art’ has been viewed as part of social history or folklore studies. This show unites an extraordinary selection of objects, exploring the threshold between art and artefact and challenging perceptions of ’high art’.”

We’re looking forward to June when we will be attending! Make sure you save the date and book your tickets when they become available.

In the mean time have a look at some of our English Folk Art here.