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New Pottery Gallery

We are thrilled to announce that next week we will have a new pottery gallery on our website dedicated to Antique English Pottery.
This new gallery will concentrate on items of English Slipware and Sussex Pottery in particular.
Set aside are a number of new items to celebrate this event. Included amongst these riches are a large candlestick 14″ high. A rustic agate tobacco jar. A Turnip Money-box and a superb carpenters bag in absolutely perfect condition, which was produced by Caroline Mitchell at the Belle Vue Pottery, Rye at the end of the 19th century.

In the future our ‘Main Gallery’ will exhibit Antique Country Furniture, period Oak and examples of British Folk Art which may include Antique needlework, antique pewter, antique treen and antique leatherware. We will also have a new picture gallery which will exhibit our collection of naive paintings.
We would like to take this opportunity of wishing all our readers and customers a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Antique Sussex Pottery

Admittedly it shouldn’t be legal to be able to mention the C-word before December – so I won’t – but for those of you looking for gifts we do have a number of items in the £500 range or less! Including:-

A Sussex Spirit Flask at £585

A Sussex Salt-Kit at £595

A Sussex Beaker and Saucer at £220

A Sycamore Dairy Stool £590

A Treen Peaseware Jar £585

A Donyatt Pottery Basket £390

A Treen Lemon Squeezer £460

& Finally a painting from our Exhibition called ‘A View On the River Barle’ which is only £495.