A view on the river Barle

The full title of this painting has been written on the rear of the canvas by the artist ‘View on the River Barle, Northmore Road, Dulverton, Somerset. Signed and dated T. Cock ’81.

This picture is in the seriously charming business an autumnal view of the River Barle following some inclement weather where the river is running a bit muddy and the clouds are looking a bit fierce….. though life goes on for a fisherman on the bank and a dapper looking farmer with his cows in the field. It has a lovely naïve charm to it and it is nice and original too, retaining its original frame which came from J.Edwards [carver and gilder] No.12 High Street, Exeter.

Condition: There is a very, very tiny tear that has been taped.

Product features
  • Dated 1881
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Frame size: 26” x 19”
  • Artist: T. Cock
  • Title: 'View on the River Barle'


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