A Man-of-War by Moses Sperry

A double sided page from the diary of Moses Sperry started in 1801. This is a leaf out of the diary of Moses Sperry who lived in Southbury, Connecticut and which he drafted in Indian-ink. The principal image is the iconic English Man-of-War, The Royal Sovereign beneath which military skirmishes are detailed in which British soldiers appear to be under attack from American soldiers who are aboard a smaller vessel without sail.

Verso: There is a sketch of the brig Lion of St York of 108 tons captained by John Williams.

Following are some details from this page of Moses’ diary:

09th Feb. 1806:  I am at home studying divinity
11th Feb. 1806:  I am chopping wood for Mr Rigs Bristol
13th Feb. 1806:  I am chopping down trees for Enoch Bristol
15th Feb. 1806:  I am making trous-hoops attended by Rigs Bristol
18th Feb. 1806:  I am setting trous-hoops all day.

Condition: A bit scruffy the Brig holed

Product features
  • From 1801
  • Indian ink on Laid paper
  • Size: 8” x 7.5”
  • Artist: Moses Sperry
  • Title: 'A man-of-war by Moses Sperry'


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